Day 32 and the over 4000 calorie meal

The day just didn’t go as planned today. I didn’t put any chicken out to thaw because I was going to go to the store after dropping off my son to buy groceries and I was going to get more chicken and use that instead. Well. That never happened and we had nothing to eat for dinner tonight except ham sandwiches and the wife really didn’t want sandwiches so we ate out and it was my sons choice. But lets back up a bit. At 4 A.M. this morning my son woke up and turned over and got a crick in his neck and started screaming his head off.  He told me in between screams and sobs that he turned over to say hi to his bed friend and it started to hurt real bad, but later he just said he woke up in pain so I didn’t know what to think. From this point to day break there really wasn’t much sleep to be had and at 10 A.M. we went to see his doctor. Come to find out the pulled muscle is all it was and we gave him some children’s Motrin and when we left it was nearly 12 P.M. Neither of us had eaten all morning and were hungry. He did so well considering his pain that I told him I would take him to Mcdonalds. My goal was just to get a Fish sandwich with no cheese and call it a meal, but across the street was Taco Hell Bell. My favorite fast food place. So I’m thinking in my head “You! don’t blow it! Two Fresco style beef crunchy tacos is all you need!”. So I pull up to the drive through and BAM! I ordered the two Fresco beef tacos and then add a Nachos Bellgrande and the new Cantina Chicken burrito. Next time I’ll stick to the tacos! On the good side, I did not get a drink and started to drink water as soon as we got home!  Oh well. 1800 calories isn’t that bad and it’s still under two hundred. I’m thinking I’ll just have a ham sandwich on whole wheat tonight and call it a day. Nope. I tell the wife the sandwich deal and she pauses and asks what can she bring home to eat. This of course means the food will not be as hot so I tell her we will just go out. I decided that my son can choose as he has still be such a trooper and I fully expected him to say McDonald’s. Nope! He wanted Sonic. Oh good golly! One of the worse places to eat if you are trying to be healthy!  Had a Super Sonic double cheeseburger with mustard, Large fries, Large half sweet/ half unsweet tea, regular size New York dog, and the rest of my wife’s tater tots for a total of about 2300 calories. This totaled more than 4000 calories for the day.

Would you believe that was my usual day of food when I was working as a studio photographer?

I’m hoping my sons neck is all better by morning so he can go to school and I can shop. The chicken will be thawed either way so I don’t have to repeat this day over. Going to be detoxing for sure!

On the plus side, it was nice to get out of the kitchen for a day. I guess that was the silver lining.


3 thoughts on “Day 32 and the over 4000 calorie meal

  1. Don’t sweat it. This can be such a long process that slips are bound to happen. The only important thing is how you come back from it and getting back on track. Something that helps me when I eat out is to know in advance where I’m going and then I pull up that restaurant on my phone food tracker (my fitness pal). I use my phone tracker to pick my meal instead of the menu so that I can see the calories instead of the delicious looking pictures. So like, if it’s only breakfast or lunch still but I know I’m eating out for dinner, I’ll still pull that restaurant up and add my chosen meal for dinner so that when I get there I’m using my phone to order instead of being their menu where I could be swayed for something less healthy. This same goes for fast food. I’ll look it up when I get in the car, pick my meal and add it to my daily food tracker, and then when I get there I don’t look at the menu. I look at my phone to order. Saves from temptations. 🙂


    • He’s got more movement in his neck today and a lot less pain. He slept through the night, but being the paranoid parents I am, I slept very little.

      Today, 2/7/13, has been a great day for healthy living!


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