Day 30 – No progress since Chik-Fil-A

Yup. You read that right. Since I ate a meal and a half one meal at Chick-fil-a a couple of nights ago I have not lost anyway weight, unless you count the weight I gained from eating that and the weight I have no lost. Basically the morning after Chick-fil-a I was up to about 231 from 227 and now a couple of days later I weighed at 228 after I ate my breakfast (I forgot to weigh first). It doesn’t bother me though. Really it doesn’t. I know I have a good thing going on and my wife lost another pound so there was at least some weight loss for someone in the family!

Breakfast was a two egg omelet with a low calorie cheese wedge rolled up in an Ole Xtreme Wellness high fiber low carb tortilla. I love this brand!

Lunch was… it was…. I forgot. No wait! It was 2 cups of a beef and barley stew I made. That’s all

Dinner was baked skinless/ boneless chicken and a large sweet potato.

I had two snacks today/night. Both were a glass of a smoothie made with greek yogurt, berries and some Silk Vanilla coconut milk.

I expect to be about 226 to 227 tomorrow. We shall see!


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