Middle of the night posting

It’s an hour to midnight and I’ve got to get to bed (have to wake the missus up at 4am so she can go to work). I’ve been reading other peoples blogs and postings on other networks and I wonder why that this time around I am finding it so much easier to stick to my guns. I’ve tried doing Quick Weight Loss Centers thing with my wife and hated it. I’ve tried doing Weight Watchers with my wife and lost 20 pounds but hated it and gained it all back. Now I’m not following any diet at all.

For once I am feeling satisfied after eating. All those other times I ate more fiber but not as much as I am now. Before, I probably ate about 8 to 10 grams tops, But now I’m averaging about 25 to 35 grams. Before I might have one piece of fruit a week, but now I eat at least 2 servings a day. My intake of vegetables have been decent in the past but not I try to eat a wider variety that just green beans and broccoli.

These past two days have seen me attempt exercising and I plan on adding more and more. There’s always 30 minutes in the day that I can do something!

The biggest factor has been motivation. There are several factors… the same ones as before but now there is a couple of new ones. One is I’m a dad to a 4 year old. That opens a whole new bag of “I want to grow old to see this and thats”. The other factor is you, the reader, lurker, comment makers and friends. I feel more motivated because I have made myself accountable by throwing this out there in public view.  I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

I’m at 232 right now. My heaviest was 248 but I started at 245. I’m going all the way to 160 to 170 if I can! Come along for the ride! I wont disappoint……. Not this time!


9 thoughts on “Middle of the night posting

  1. Would you be interested in a recipe for eggplant lasagna? It’s a ton of veggies and really, truly delicious! I can fb msg you the recipe if you want. Someone made it for us after the baby was born. We are hooked!


  2. Congrats, it truly does feel wonderful when you find a plan that works for you and finally the weight starts to fall off. I feel the same way with my journey. I do wish I had started earlier when my son was 4 (or earlier)… but seem to have waited til he was 15. But now that I’ve “got it”, he’s old enough to really see my effort pay off and he’s SO VERY proud of me and all the hard work I’ve put into it. He sees me exercise every day and say no to foods I should be saying no to! LOL He sees my resolve to being healthier and it’s even got him thinking of healthier choices and he decided to go vegetarian, which just recently switched to pescatarian (I had to look that up, it’s an inclusion of fish) lifestyle… so at least my journey has helped him become healthier, too. I’ll stop rambling now, or I’ll turn this “comment” into a mini blog! LOL Great blog post! LOL Happy for you!


    • Oh no! Please go ahead and post a mini-blog! I certainly don’t mind. I think it’s great that your habits have rubbed off on your son too! Just today I was talking to my son and helping him distinguish between nutritional food and junk food. It was so much fun for me to hear him and how well he understands the difference.


      • It’s an amazing legacy you’re teaching him! That’s what parenting is about, right? 🙂 And for me, I guess the phrase “It’s never too late” comes to mind. So, I won’t sweat the small stuff and just be happy I finally did get my head on straight and at least he was able to finally see me live healthy and see me not be lazy anymore. (I was SOOO lazy!) lol


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