Day 19 and back on the wagon.

This morning I woke up and felt so much better so I decided to get it going right. Made a smoothie for myself. Come lunch time I really wasn’t hungry at all but I still ate two turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread. I skipped the spinach and used romaine lettuce as I was wanting a crunch. I use the tops off of one head of romaine and used the rest for a small salad with blue cheese crumbled on top. I moved away from my usual balsamic vinegar based dressing and used red wine instead. Fantastic!

Got the bed covers washed today, did dishes, took care of the boy, etc..etc.. Dinner time rolls around and I know my wife isn’t having such a good week so I did chicken and rice with a side of green beans and broccoli. I do believe that made her day.

If I were to count calories then I would estimate that I had  about 1500 calories today. I managed to drink 8 or 9 glasses of water. Yeah. Today was a great day! I need some music to rock out too!


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