About 7 hours sleeps is awesome (Day 17)!

Fell asleep before midnight, turned off alarm at 4:50am and 5:10am and woke wife up and fell back asleep. Put son back to bed after wife leaves at 6am and then up at 7am with son, who did not go back to sleep. All in all that was a good sleep for me. Better than my average actually which is 4 to 5 hours only.

I decided to weigh today and found I was only 234.5 lbs, even after all that bad food!  I did drink more water yesterday and finally did some work and walking around the house which is unheard of. Been thinking about taking my before pictures today to start comparing myself newer selves with my old self like this lovely person has done! She has a great blog about her journey to improve her image so if you aren’t a follower… well… follow.

I decided to kick start myself today and made spinach/fruit smootie for breakfast and I’m eating one right now for lunch. Going to grab some carrots and a little hummus for a snack and then for dinner we will have chicken, turkey or ham sandwiches for dinner since the chicken is not thawed yet. I figured I’ll have two sandwiches on whole wheat. I’m thinking chicken slices, light mayo, spinach leaves, dash of salt and fresh cracked pepper and since I have two tomatoes that really need to be eaten I will slice and use one of each on each sandwich. The only question I am asking myself is whether or not I should include some cheese.


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