Day 12

Bad Lamar! Bad bad boy! No, I’m not yelling at the dog. I’m yelling at myself. I have done so well today and then the temp starts to drop, snow is starting to enter Georgia and I’m thinking it would be cool to take the wife and kid out (when wife gets home) and drive westward to get dinner and hope to see a little flurry of snow perhaps before it gets dark. Well my little one wants Sonic and he pointed out that he actually said Sonic and not Sonnet so we went to Sonic. I ate a Double Super Sonic cheeseburger, New York dog and a large fry. Had a large unsweetened tea to drink. This is my first fast food since I started and I really didn’t want to do this especially considering what is coming up next couple of days. I’m sure going to miss my smoothies. 😦

I wont be able to post for a few days so don’t go thinking I have abandoned my goals. I shall return!

PS – Garlic flavored hummus and carrot sticks is quickly becoming my “go to” snack.  A friend posted on my facebook (wish she would post it here) that I should try quinoa. What do you kind readers think of it?

If anyone wants to know what I ate before going out:

Breakfast – smoothie

Lunch – 2 turkey sandwiches with lite mayo, spinach, tomato on whole wheat bread

snack – carrots with hummus.

about 4 glasses of water. Need more water!


3 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I even like to cross the American/Candian border for a rare treat of a super sonic cheese burger and route 44 cherry limeade! If you are going to treat yourself, then enjoy it!!! Oh, and you should try quinoa!!! 😀


  2. I’m loving hummus as my go to snack too! Sabras brand has these little individual cups of it. I eat mine with cauliflower, sooo good!

    I’ve been meaning to try quinoa, but still haven’t yet. Let me know how it is! If I find a good recipe that uses it I’ll send you the link!


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