Day 5!

Yes! It’s day 5 and I’m still doing well. Could have been better though. No no! It’s not what you think! I didn’t over do it at all! I never got a chance! My breakfast consisted of nothing. I didn’t even get a glass of water! Got my son to school and proceeded to go grocery shopping. First I went to Aldi to take advantage of the good deal on spinach and see what else I could get from my list. After that I went to Walmart to finish off my shopping list. I got home and unloaded the car. Started to put the perishables away and then had to see to our dog who needed to go out. So I took his cone of shame off (he’s been licking and chewing and trying to take off his splint for the 4 broken tow bones) and carried him in the yard. He did his business and I took him in. Spent less than a minute int he bathroom myself and came out to find he had already started scratching a sport and was bleeding. So the “CoS” went back on and I finished putting away the groceries. Then it was time to go get my son. Got him and got home and our neighbor and her child were out and next thing you know the boys are playing together and my son ,who in the car said he was hungry, was no longer hungry! Every 30 minutes I would tell him that lunch time was about over and he just kept playing and playing. So we finally get home about 3:30 and now he is having fits because I will not make lunch.  I give him a bath and then he plays with his LeapPad and I got to start making dinner with a recipe I got from  (go on over there and give her some encouragement).  While I am cooking I hear this “Hey dad? Come here!” so I rush to his room and he had peed in his pants and  on the carpet, and he is just standing there and when he realizes I am in view he says “Watch” and proceeds to pee a waterfall! I told him to stop and he did *snaps* just like that and I pick him up and carry him to the bathroom and take his clothes off and put him on the toilet and tell him to stay there and do nothing. I then have to clean up that mess while he keeps whining that the toilet seat is wet (really? that’s what bothers you?) and the phone starts to ring and I still need to get back to the bathroom. I am so hoping I cleaned up the pee so it doesn’t stink. Had some pee cleaning stuff (enzymes) and after soaking up everything as best I could I poured that one and rubbed it in and then cleaned that up. Whew. Four year old children, right?

Anyway. I cooked cilantro lime rice, baked chicken covered in Italian bread crumbs, mozzarella and spinach and some roasted potatoes. I have no idea how many calories it all was. Don’t think it was much and didn’t care. I was freaking hungry at that point. My wife said I put too much cilantro in the rice but I like cilantro.

“LeapPad 2.. So damn good even your kid wont remember how to go to the potty”

So, what did I buy today. Agave nectar. I’ve seen a lot of talk about it being used as a sweetener. I found out there are three grades. The lighter is more mild. It has almost a honey taste to it. The darker is more like maple syrup and the third I just don’t recall. I got 4 things of bananas and threw them in the freezer to use in smoothies. Also got 4 whole pineapples and cut them up and did the same.  Blueberries and strawberries. Chicken and lean beef. Oranges, limes, potatoes, taco shells and some low carb tortillas. Nothing fancy.

Forgot to weigh myself. I’ll do it tomorrow!


One thought on “Day 5!

  1. My goodness!! It seems that you had a rough and very long day! lol my 2 year old nephew does the same thing. as soon as we take him to the bathroom he will immediately start peeing and hes not even on the toilet yet lol. Im so happy that your tried the recipe and loved it. I also use alot of cilantro, it is my favorite. i put it in everything!! Thank you for being so nice and encouraging:)


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