Day 4

Well, shoot. I was out of bananas this morning so I made my smoothie with Greek yogurt. We, son and I, were rushed and I didn’t blend my smoothie well enough. Junks of spinach.  I did not finish.

While waiting to pick my son up, I absently put three Gobstoppers in my mouth that I found in an open box in the door. I keep them there for long trips when I need something to keep me awake. I don’t think I screwed up too bad. We shall see.

My son surprised me for lunch. He wanted a sandwich like the one I had yesterday. I left off the tomato and spinach and he ate it completely. I gave him an apple afterwards. For myself I decided to change the turkey sandwich from yesterday a little by substituting hummus instead of mayo. I also made a ham sandwich with mayo just in case. Verdict? I prefer mayo on my sandwiches!

Captured on MOTOQA1

For dinner it was a little more laid back with some burritos. Pretty heavy on the protein it seems. I don’t what my problem was today but after lunch I was just so sleepy.


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