Going on a Self-imposed Shave Purchase Sabbatical

Shaving soaps and aftershaves smell just so good that I want to buy buy buy! Problem is I have plenty of soap and plenty of aftershave so I signed up for the 2013 sabbatical on the Badger and Blade forum but missed the application process by a few days.  Dang it! I’m going to do my best and go at it alone. I do have 2 exceptions. Witch Hazel and this really nice Avon blue sailboat cutter aftershave bottle that I saw at an antique store.  I’ve added a marker to my aftershave bottles (bottom of blue tape denotes fill line) so we can track the progress. I suspect that by the end of December that a few will be completely empty.


Some you may be wondering about. The left (ships wheel) is an antique Old Spice bottle from the 70’s early 80’s. It still smells great! The second is an Old Spice knock off produced by Vi Jon.  The tall green bottle is Family Dollar’s Brut knock off. The dark glass bottle next to that is a 1976 Aqua Velva collectible bottle which I filled with an Aqua Velva knock off.  I decided to include the Nivea balm as I do use it from time to time.

Next is soaps


The samples to the left are Mama Bear samples. Each sample yields about 4 days of shaves. The tub marked Cella is full and the box on far right is half full. I personally think that is 3 years worth by itself or longer! The Arko is a years worth (one stick smashed into tub below). I shave every day so I hope to at least see the Williams and Godrej gone as they are my least favorite. Same goes for the tub of Kiss My face Cool Mint. smells great but I feel it is inferior compared to Bigelow.

And now the blade stash


I get an average of 3 to 4 shaves per Derby blade and I have 16 packages of them. If I squeeze 4 shaves out of each one and a few out of each single edge, then I can make it to next year. This will be the tough part.

Wish me luck folks!


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