My Shave Den

So this is my shave den. There’s two tilt drawers at the bottom where I actually keep the blades.  The top shelf needs no introduction. All common things that can be bought at a drugstore. On the second shelf, from left to right, is Van Der Hagen deluxe on top of a ramekin of Williams soap. Next is Godrej from India, a sample of Cella in a ramekin, Arko shave stick, C.O. Bigelow shave cream, Cremo Cream in the soup bowl (use for lathering), a shaving gel for those with ingrown hair problems (doesn’t do anything but I like the tea tree oil in it) and a small container of Shave Secret (makes a good pre-shave). Right now I am using just Arko till next month.  On the third shelf, from left to right, are a chrome (or steel) handled boar brush that went to a Atra or Trac shave set, a Parker best badger (my main brush) and a Montclair boar brush. I actually cut the top of the Montclair in the hopes that it works better on my face.  The name means nothing as it was just a distributor name and nothing of top quality and I’m really thinking about taking the knot out and have it replaced with a silvertip badger. I sure do love the handle on it though. Oh. I forgot to mention that it is in a salsa bowl that I also use for lathering. For razors we have a 1950’s GEM Micromatic bullet tip, Merkur23c (also know as a 180), 1940’s Gillette Contract Tech and a 1920’s BEFA open comb travel razor (I have the case in a drawer). Next is a pack of single edge blades, Wilkinson Sword blades and Astra Superior blades. A cup that came with the Montclair brush and a styptic pen that I picked up for less than a dollar.

My current set-up is the Merkur, Parker, Astra blades, Arko and Nivea balm so I probably wont be posting anymore SOTD stuff till September.

Ya’ll have a good one!



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