Gardening 101

06-28-12_1416Apparently I did not read the book! It seems that every year I do a vegetable garden and after it is fully grown and producing stuff I realized that I should have done something before hand. Last year I didn’t pinch the tops on my tomato plants and they got so tall that the tomatoes didn’t grow right and the plant kept falling over. Okay! Lesson learned. Tomato plants look good until I decided to do the fertilizer wrong and they got fertilizer burn.  I decided to get a soaker hose and a timer this year, only after everything is fully grown and it was not easy to get it laid out without breaking stems and such. It’s not perfect I’m afraid and I’m totally frustrated with myself. I am growing yellow squash and zucchini this year and didn’t know anything about their growing habits. I would have planted only one of each if I had. They are crowding out everything, but I do get to pick at least one squash every other day. Here is a harvest of today. The other day I picked 10 or 11 squash.  Maybe next year I’ll read a book or plan ahead.


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